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Immediate Assistance
Sharing life prides itself on being able to provide face-to-face service. But sometimes, due to logistics your and ours, creating a Program or Digital Display for a memorial, such as a Funeral, scheduled in less than 48 hours, may need to be done over the phone and via email.

I have created a few templates that can be customized just for this process. We can complete your program and/or digital display within a few hours. If you have access to your phone and email, and can send and receive information.

Please call me at 650.937.9023 to initiate the process. If I don’t answer leave a Voice Mail message with your name and contact number and I will respond ASAP. We have limited time so we need start the process as quickly as possible ~ we don’t want emails caught in cyberspace.

If you are out of the area and choose to use our services we look forward to hearing from you. As mentioned above if your tribute is time sensitive call us at 650-937-9023. If your tribute is not time sensitive, you can email us with the details.